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Based, produced and manufactured  in Las Vegas, our beauty products are made with the finest ingredients and contain the purest form of Essential oils. The natural herbs that are used in our mixtures along with a variety of top quality sea salts, raw sugars, natural oils and unrefined Shea Butters
are incorporated to help restore natural moisture and relieve sore muscles, soothe tired feet and exfoliate the skin to produce a soft, smooth, silky
and natural glow. They are all ideal for relaxing, calming and soothing the mind, body and spirit  We are confident that you will find our products
to be an invigorating way to give yourself the pampering, spoiling and indulgence you deserve.  We thank you for your interest in our products and
hope to have the opportunity to be of service to you.  


A note from the Owner


                                                          Rejuvenate your skin the natural way!--PJones


What's different about our products?

We do not use water, chemicals, additives, fillers, alcohol, parabens or anything that will dry or further damage the skin. Since the skin is stripped of its natural oils after bathing, mixtures based with water tend to lay on the surface, which prevents the skin from getting hydrated down to the deepest layer.  Our formulations contain, healing and hydrating ingredients that will give your skin exactly what it needs, MOISTURE!